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Tips for boat-owners and diving enthusiasts

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Moorings for boats

To obtain moorings, you require permission from the relevant district authority and a civil law contract from the Bavarian Palace Administration as the owner. The official permission and the contract are valid for seven years. After this time your right to the moorings becomes invalid and will pass to someone else.

Because of the considerable demand for moorings on our lakes, your name will go on a waiting list. Please note that the waiting time for moorings may be several years. The waiting lists are administered by the relevant district authorities or by branches of our department. The appropriate branch address is given on the page for each lake.

Boats with internal combustion engines or electric engines can only be used on the lakes with the permission of the relevant district authority. The authorization of the Bavarian Palace Administration as the owner is also required; this agreement valid under civil law also regulates the fee, based on the type and power of the engine.

Under certain conditions, permission may be required for sailing boats. Information on this can be obtained from the relevant district authority.


Diving permission

A list has been prepared showing the lakes where diving is prohibited and those where limited permission has been issued for diving with breathing apparatus in accordance with article 21 I and article 22 of the Bavarian Water Law, usually referred to as the General Regulations.

These General Regulations also apply to some of the smaller lakes which are not the property of the Bavarian Palace Administration. The General Regulations state the conditions for diving with breathing apparatus, the particular area of the lake concerned and in some cases also the seasons in which diving is permitted.

Please contact the relevant district authority or the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz, if you have any further questions, in particular concerning the content of the General Regulations.

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